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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Page of Interest to Women?

In an earlier post I uploaded an article for the June 28, 1913 Vancouver World Newspaper about the opening of the Connaught Hotel at 435 West Pender. It wasn't until I read the enlarged text that I realized that there was actually a page missing. So I went to the library today and found the missing page. It is now properly uploaded.

In the process of the search, I found some other interesting articles and ads in the June 1913 editions of not only the Vancouver World Newspaper but also the Vancouver Daily News Advertiser. I found some great ads for beer which I will upload in a separate post.

The majority of the clippings in this post are from the June 29th, 1913 Daily News Advertiser from a section entitled "Page of Interest to Women." 

The first thing to catch my eye, was this striking picture of the young women dressed in the latest Edwardian fashion. I love the mix of whimsy and drama of the pose, the cock of her head, the jaunty feather in her bonnet, the way she holds her hands behind her back. She makes quite a picture. Remember, you can enlarge all the images in this blog by just clicking on them. 

I hadn't intended to get copies of anything other than the missing part of the Connaught Hotel Article in The World and was actually checking the News Advertiser to see if there was an article on the new hotel there, but there wasn't. I pressed the button to make a copy of the picture of the young woman. As I adjusted the framing, I noticed the text to the right of the picture. It was an article about how to make a good salad, and there were a number of recipes with it.

People who know me will tell you that I love to cook and bake. I have made quite a few copies of recipes from old newspapers thinking I might reproduce them one day. I haven't so far, but I copied the article on salads. 

There was a recipe for a tomato salad, an artichoke salad, a lobster salad, even a banana and a cherry salad. Maybe I will try some of those recipes after all... Cherry salad? Well, maybe not the cherry salad. 

Later I found an ad for grocery items on special at David Spencer's Department Store. Check and compare with your grocery prices...  I love how they slipped in fly catchers between the tins of tomatoes and the bottles of Lazenby's Harvey Sauce, whatever that is... Actually, Google it. I just did. There was an interesting law case in 1872 concerning who invented the sauce and who had the rights to the name.

More ads from the 1913 newspaper in my next posting.

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  1. My mom used to work at Spencer's! (Mind you that was the 40s, not the 10's...)