The Dales House at 414 Alexander Street circa 1890 CVA Photo SGN 490

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can Anyone Identify These Vancouver School Buildings?

Right now I am downloading all archival pictures of Vancouver Schools I can find for a project I am working on and I came on a number of schools that are unidentified. Can any of you identify them?

Unidentified one room school in Vancouver, April 18, 1931, Stuart Thomson, CVA 99-3859

Unidentified Vancouver School ca. 1920 Stuart Thomson, CVA 99-1440

Here's another view of the same school. Ring any school bells?

Unidentified Vancouver School ca. 1920, Stuart Thomson, CVA 99-1443

So what about this one?

Unidentified Vancouver School ca. 1920, Stuart Thomson, CVA 99-1000


  1. The bottom picture looks like Lord Tennyson Elementary School at 1936 West 10th in Kits before the cornices were removed and covered over. You can still see the two story front arch entranceway with supporting columns.

  2. Rob, Thanks for that. I will take a drive by an see. If you do Twitter, i will be posting updates to my blog and stuff on my walking tours on "househistorybc"

  3. It also looks like Lord Roberts on Bidwell in the West End -- sans a bunch of trees

  4. Schools? They look more like prisons don't they. What grand old buildings.

  5. the picture on the bottom looks different from the 2 in the middle... look at the door way the arch is different from the other 2.

  6. The two schools in the middle are Gilmore Avenue School in Burnaby Heights. Built in 1913 the photos show the new north wing which opened c. 1927.

  7. Thanks Jim! I will pass on the information to the City of Vancouver Archives.